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Cost of Living gets a little love...

Refinery 29: 30 Web Series to Binge-Watch Over the Weekend

November 25, 2014


In a list amongst prestigious web series like Broad City, Between Two Ferns, Drunk History, and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, we are #15: "There are many web series — for young people, by young people — that explore the trials and tribulations of life in the big city. Most of the time, that city happens to be New York. Cost of Living changes the game by using San Francisco as the backdrop for this female-centric show about life, love, and whiskey. "


Comedy Cake: Cost of Living is the Comedy-Drama You Need to Shack Up With

November 19, 2014


"I would describe the series as the love child of the hits Broad City and You’re The Worst, but with a touch of Bay Area flair. Cost of Living manages to capture the joy and angst of the millennial experience with supreme ease."


Snobby Robot: #WebSeriesWednesday Cost of Living Review

October 9, 2014


"While friends are great for confiding in, for being there and for helping you get drunk there are a lot of insecurities that can complicate things, and navigating these lows is as important as creating those highs...I love that these deeper discussions remain meaningful throughout the entire arc of the series right along with the great comedic moments.


Cost Of Living is definitely a standout show."


Splitsider: The 5 Best New Web Videos/Series You Almost Definitely Haven't Seen

May 14, 2014


"The subtle, well-crafted dialogue is as much a treat as its raw delivery." - Luke Kelly-Clyne


Snobby Robot: A Comedic Look At The Growing Financial Challenges Facing America’s Young Adults

September 29, 2014


"Above all, though, COST OF LIVING proves that no matter how hard your life is, or how difficult it is just to stay employed, to stay in a decent home, or to just plain get by without very much to get by on, the daily struggle of growing up and growing older is made a whole lot easier when you’ve got friends on your side." - Chris Hadley


IndieWire: Write What You Don't See

April 18, 2014


"How would I ever find a show that gave me the whiskey drinkin' friends-till-the-day-we-die type of ladies that I saw everyday in my real life? I had to write them." - Shannon Bowen


SF Weekly: The Write Stuff: Shannon Bowen on Taking Charge of Your Story

March 27, 2014


"I write a fictionalized version of the truth. There are real stories from my life incorporated into each script that I write. Yes, I did accidentally throw away all of my clothes in a dumpster once." - Shannon Bowen

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