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Dave Binegar



After spending too much of his adolescence in the cultural wasteland known as Scottsdale, AZ, Dave Binegar moved to San Francisco, with fervor. He dove into improv comedy and co-founded the Chinese Ballroom improv team. He co-founded and Executive Produced USFtv at the University of San Francisco, and spent the last 5 years working in Animation & VFX Production Management for several Disney feature films. After spending nearly a decade in a romantic, yet sordid relationship with San Francisco, he’s currently exploring the sub-baked absurdity of Los Angeles, and is at the Peter Stark Producing Program at USC's School of Cinematic Arts. 


​Check out his ocassionally snarky commentary + delicious images on Twitter + Instagram @davebinegar.

Shannon Bowen



Shannon Bowen is inspired to write strong female characters who (shockingly) have loyal lady friends because she has been surrounded by badass women all her life.  In all of her scripts, she explores the bewilderment of becoming an adult. At 30, she is still isn’t quite sure what being an “adult” actually is...


Shannon’s first feature-length script, CHICK FLICK (co-written with Ellen Westberg), is a female buddy comedy that has been optionedShannon now writes TV sitcom pilot scripts.


Follow all of her crazy adventures on Twitter @LittleLadyBrain.

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