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Featured Businesses & Artists 

Check out the amazing local businesses & artists featured in Cost of Living!

Thee Parkside

Bar featured in "Bathroom Not Included," "Lady Bits" "Jesus' Baby"

& "$TD"


Astronaut Cafe

Coffee bar featured in "Jesus' Baby"


Rachel Znerold Fashions

Dresses worn by Cecily in "Victorian Bride," "Jesus' Baby" & "At Home with Cecily."


Recapture Vintage Bridal Couture

Hammy's wedding dress


Katie Nash Beauty 

Hair & Makeup styling for Hammy's wedding pics


Charlotte and Daughters

Bouquet featured in Hammy's wedding pics


Aminimal Studio

San Francisco necklace worn by Jules


The Bold Italic Shop

San Francisco whiskey map featured in Marisa's bedroom


Stage Werx 

Official rehearsal space for

Cost of Living


The Clothing Library

Social Change for Good

Costumes worn by Cecily in "At Home with Cecily" & Hammy in "Friendsgiving"


Palanquin Studio

Hand blown wine glasses featured in "Friendsgiving"


Aaron Rivera Art

Art featured in Jules + Dylan's bedroom


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