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Cost of Living is a comedic web series about failing adulthood

and the friends who buy you whiskey when you do.

"The subtle, well-crafted dialogue is as much a treat as its raw delivery." - Splitsider


"Cost Of Living is definitely a standout show." - The Snobby Robot

Episode 1

Bathroom Not Included: Marisa meets her BFF, Jules, at their fave bar after a helacious day: she dumped her vegan boyfriend to return to a life of cheese, forcing her to find a new apartment in 24 hours, which let’s face it – is nearly impossible in San Francisco.  

Episode 2

Lady Date: Marisa comes over to Jules’ apartment for a lady date and after many, many shots – the truth about Jules’ life comes out.

Episode 3

Lady Bits: Marisa & Jules meet up at Thee Parkside to vent about how their friend Hammy’s marriage certificate changed her more than her law degree.

Episode 4

Indian Summer: The sun is finally out and everyone is ready to party. We finally meet Dylan, Ezra and Hamothy (Hammy + Timothy)! Everyone enjoys the decadent, locally-sourced picnic just as much as they love teasing Marisa about her new fling: Ryan.

Episode 5

Victorian Bride: Nothing like having to make small talk with your friend’s weirdo roommate while she’s finishing her poop. This is Jules’ life.

Episode 6

Jesus' Baby: Marisa’s period is late, so she starts a downward mental spiral of assuming every sensation is a sign that she’s pregnant (I have been feeling tired! I feel nauseous! I smiled at a baby!) and finally calls Jules over.

Episode 7

$TD: Jules is still on the fence about whether to tell Dylan about her financial situation. When reason doesn’t work, Marisa tries a new way to convince Jules to tell Dylan about the "bean situation."

Episode 8

Virtual Happy Hour: Noah’s Ark-like conditions force the girls to take their happy hour online.

Episode 9

Oregon Trail: When Marisa picks up Jules for her interview, her shitty ass car finally dies. Stranded in the parking lots for hours, old issues between the friends start to come up.

Episode 10

Friendsgiving: Everyone gathers at Hammy’s house for Friendsgiving and shit gets real. Maybe, too real.

Tell us what you want to see in Season 2!

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